greenland tourist attractions


Greenland’s green-land tourism could be ‘dead’ by 2025

Alaska, the Northwest Territories, and Washington state have all seen an increase in visitors from overseas in recent years.And the number of visitors to Canada is expected to grow significantly, as the U.S. becomes more popular to do business...

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When you visit greenland, remember to take a selfie

A new poll shows that most visitors to California’s national parks are not interested in taking selfies.A survey of 1,000 California residents conducted by the non-partisan American Press Institute found that nearly two-thirds of visitors surveyed said they didn’t...

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What to know about the Green Zone of the Caribbean and South America

Lebron James, the NBA superstar, will visit Cuba and El Salvador in the next couple of weeks.The first stop in the trip will be on October 13, where James will be honored by the Cuban government with a trip...

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How to save money on vacationing in California

You can save money by booking an affordable stay at the most popular tourist attractions in the US.But some of the best spots to visit in the western part of the state are still too expensive to book on...

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Green Lantern: The Legend of Green Lantern has been revived

The Green Lantern film franchise has been rebooted and greenlit, EW can exclusively reveal.The film has been given a revamp and will feature the iconic green lanterns.The casting of the cast, including Bradley Cooper and Elizabeth Olsen, will be...

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