Peru tourist attractions have a new ‘secret’ feature

Chamba, Peru — You’ve probably heard of the Chamba National Park.

But for those who don’t, what exactly is it?

Chamba National Parks is the only national park in Peru, with the largest concentration of rainforest in South America, and is home to some of the world’s most spectacular nature.

Chamba is a unique place.

It is a national park, but not a national forest.

It is a place where you can see the rainforest from above.

It has no roads, no paved roads, just trails of water and the occasional waterfall.

The park was created in the 1960s, with a total area of nearly 4,000 square kilometers (1,800 square miles).

It is divided into several areas, but the area of Chamba has the largest amount of rain forest in the world.

This makes it a very special place for people from around the world, especially for tourists.

It’s a place you can go for a picnic, or to the jungle for a hike.

You can even rent out a house to a couple of your friends.

It’s also home to many exotic animals, including an endangered red fox, and some rare plants and animals, such as the giant pangolin, or the giant parrot.

In fact, there are over 600 species of animals in Chamba national park.

For example, the wild bison are the largest mammals in the park, and the animals have been hunted for sport for many centuries.

The only way to see one is to go to the area where it was hunted.

Chamba is home in part to a number of ancient cultural sites.

Some of the oldest structures are located in the area around the park.

Some are as old as 3,000 years old, and others date back to 3,700 years ago.

Some ancient buildings were created during the Olmec period, when the city of Chambéz was established.

Some of the places in the Chambés region are also UNESCO World Heritage Sites, like the Olma de la Paz, which is a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.


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