Why are some of the world’s best attractions not open for tourists

Travellers around the world are scrambling to book holiday trips this summer because of the threat of the Zika virus. 

There are a number of reasons why.

The first is that many countries in the world have closed down their airports and some cities have not yet reopened.

These include Dubai, which is expected to close its main airport in the coming weeks, and a number in South Africa. 

The second is that some of those that have reopened are not as well regarded as they were last summer, with some attractions closed in a hurry, and others only reopened briefly. 

In Australia, tourist attractions have been open for about two weeks, but it is not yet known whether the city will be able to reopen as scheduled. 

Many attractions in Australia have reopened or reopened at some point this year, but not all of them.

Some, like the Brisbane Zoo, have been closed indefinitely due to the virus, and the Port Phillip Zoo, which was originally to reopen this summer, is still closed. 

“There is a lot of uncertainty about what the weather will be like in the next few weeks,” Ms Bratton said. 

But the third reason is the lack of a long-term plan. 

For example, in New Zealand, which has a population of around 5.5 million, the World Health Organisation (WHO) says the population is expected rise to 7.6 million by 2021. 

So even if a long term plan is put in place to help people avoid travel, this is not something that can be done overnight.

“The real problem with the pandemic is not that people are getting infected,” Ms Ting said.

“There are many more infections, the infection rates are going down.

But it is a lack of coordination.” 

This has led to people being discouraged from coming to Australia.

“In Australia there is a huge focus on getting tourists back home and there is not enough on providing services to those that are not able to come home,” Ms Broome said.

It’s not just people who are being dissuaded from visiting Australia that is a concern, it’s also people who work in tourism and tourism accommodation.

In New Zealand the tourism sector is struggling to cope with the virus and many people who have been there for years are now turning away because of travel restrictions.

“If people are unable to work, or they’re not able come home, then there is going to be a massive burden on the tourism industry and that is going on now,” Ms Boughton said.

But the Government says the Government is taking action to improve the situation and has promised to help more people stay home.

New Zealand Tourism Minister Rob Stokes said that while people who travel abroad are often worried about travel, “it is not a very good way to go about getting to the country”.

“There will be a lot more people coming home in the long term, there will be more people that are able to work and there will also be more money in the economy,” he said.

The Government has promised that it will make travel to Australia more affordable, and will increase the number of visas that people can apply for.

It also said it would look at the issue of visa overstays, which are the number one cause of visa fraud.

The Government will also introduce more incentives to help tourists stay at home and stay at least five days.

“What we’ve seen over the last three weeks is there has been a huge increase in the number and the severity of the travel restrictions and there has also been a significant increase in travel by people who come here for short periods of time,” Ms Stokes told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“The Government is working hard to ensure that our economy is robust.”

However, with so many tourists away, the Government said it had not been able to put in places like hotels and motels.

For example in New York City, which opened its airport last week, there is only one hotel and a motel, which means people will not be able stay for long.

There are also a number resorts and bars that have been shut down for the past few days, including the Holiday Inn, the Grand Hyatt and the Holiday Park. 

It has been reported that some hotels are still being used as makeshift accommodation.

“We’ve been in a situation where people are not going to go to their hotels, they’re going to stay at motels, they have to wait for someone to come and provide them with accommodation,” Ms Barret said.

“People who have come here to stay for a short period of time, have just got to find somewhere else to stay.”



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