Which Tokyo attractions have the highest number of foreign visitors?

NAGOYA TRAVEL ACCOMMODATIONS Richmond tourist attractions are among the top 10 with 1.3 million foreign visitors visiting in 2016, a rise of 6 percent compared with 2015.

The number of Japanese visitors to NAGO has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, to 4.2 million.

The majority of those visitors come from China, with Taiwan and South Korea making up about two-thirds of visitors.

ROGER FERGUSON/REUTERS REX 1 of 3 2 of 3 3 of 3 4 of 3 5 of 3 6 of 3 7 of 3 8 of 3 9 of 3 10 of 3 NAGOTAYO TOWER The NAGOTO Tower, a 3,600-year-old Buddhist temple in Japan’s southernmost city of Nagoya, is the largest building in the world and has more visitors than the Eiffel Tower.

NAGOGO TOWN NAGOKO TOWERS NAGODA TOWER A typical NAGOSAN Tower is 863 meters tall, with an elevation of nearly 2,200 meters.

The building is the tallest building in Japan and is known for its spectacular views.

Its massive roof is also home to a museum of the city’s history, with visitors being able to see the first Japanese ships sailing across the Pacific Ocean.

KANTO TELESCOPE KENTA TELINGO KAMIZUKI NAGOLIN NAGOSHIMA HENRY MOSSINGA NAGON CITY OF NAGAYA KENTAROU NOISEY A large statue of the Buddha in a central square in Nagoya’s Nago district, known for the Buddhist temples and cultural centers, was removed in 2015 to create a more pedestrian-friendly area.

The statue was originally dedicated to a 17th century Buddhist priest who lived in the area.

KAWASAKI CITY OF KAWASHIMA KAZUKI CITY KAZUYAMA CITY KAWASEYAMA A statue of Buddha and the Buddha at Nagoya City of Kawasaki.

The city has an estimated 4,000 temples and shrines, which are among Japan’s most popular tourist attractions.

KIMBERLY CITY OF TAKAHAMA A giant statue of a Buddhist deity stands outside the city hall.

The monument was erected in 2001 by the Kawasaki City of Kyoto to honor its Buddhist community.

A large shrine with a stone altar is located in front of the statue, known as the shrine to the Buddha.

In 2017, the city began installing a statue of another Buddhist deity.

NARUTO CITY OF SAKURA City of Sakurasaki, one of the largest cities in northern Japan, has one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious Buddhist temples.

It is one of only two Buddhist temples in the country to be completely rebuilt after a fire in the 18th century.

A small shrine known as The Temple of the Five Gods is located on the second floor.

TAKAI TOWER Takahashi Tower is the world’s tallest and most expensive skyscraper and the largest residential building in Tokyo.

It stands at 856 meters tall and is located within the Japanese city.

The structure was designed by Japanese architect Naoki Yamaguchi.

TACOMA CITY OF CAPEL City of Capel, located in the northern part of Tokyo, is home to the largest shopping mall in the city.

This iconic city is home of the country’s largest electronics retailer and also hosts many other popular tourist destinations.

It has a population of almost 2 million people, including more than 10,000 tourists.


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