‘It’s like a nightmare’: Alabama tourists ‘stopped in a horror movie’

Alabama’s tourist attractions are a bit like a horror film, according to a tourist guide.

According to a guidebook published in early 2018, Alabama is a state with a wide variety of attractions that include the state capital, Birmingham, as well as the town of Birmingham, home to the Alabama Museum of Art.

It’s called the Crimson Tide Tourist Guide and it features a list of more than 50 attractions that you can visit in the state, according, to the guidebook.

Some of the attractions include the Alabama Pavilion, the Crimson Trace Trail, the Alabama Historic Railroad, the Great Lakes, the Museum of History and Industry and the Alabama Historical Museum.

Alabama also boasts a number of historical landmarks like the state capitol, the state courthouse and the Capitol.

But if you’re really into Alabama tourism, you may want to make sure to visit the Crimson Museum, which is located in Birmingham, according the guide.

“You will get a feel for what Alabama is like, the history of Alabama, and it will be a good introduction to the state’s culture,” the guide states.

“The museum is a true treasure trove.”

In addition to Alabama’s numerous attractions, the guide also gives tours to some of the state state’s historical sites.

“These are some of our best state-of-the-art attractions and museums and can be a great way to see the history and culture of Alabama and its history,” the Alabama Guide states.

The Alabama guide also offers tips for visiting the state.

Tips for Alabama visitors: Visit Alabama museums, attractions and historic sites.

Be aware that the state is one of the few that is not allowed to allow tours of its historic sites, including the Alabama National Museum, the National Museum of the American Indian and the Smithsonian Institution, according.

Stay safe while visiting Alabama: The guide says that it is advised to keep a low profile in the tourist attractions.

“If you are in an area where people are not used to walking and are looking to get away from crowds, try not to stand out in the crowd,” the Crimson Guide states, adding that it’s also important to be respectful of the people in the crowds and to not litter.


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