Why Indonesia’s Tourist Attractions are the Best in the World

The biggest tourist attraction in Indonesia is Malayias largest island, Sumatra.

There are around 20 million tourists visiting Indonesia every year.

The average Indonesian tourist spends about $500 dollars a day on accommodation and souvenirs, and the average tourist visits the island for a week.

The biggest island is Sumatra, which is also the second largest island in Indonesia.

Malaysia is the second-largest island in Southeast Asia and has the largest number of people visiting.

It’s the third-largest in Southeast Asian.

In Malaysia, tourism is booming and the country’s tourism is growing.

Indonesia’s economy is growing and tourism is making up a larger share of its economy than China and India.

Indonesia is the third most populous country in the world.

Its population is about 30.6 million.

The country has the highest ratio of foreign-born population to population.

The number of foreign born in Indonesia stands at 15.7% (18.7 million), but the country has a much smaller population of foreigners (5.7%).

Indonesia has a higher percentage of foreigners than India, and Malaysia’s ratio is much higher at 21.2% (26.2 million).

Malaysia is also Indonesia’s biggest trade partner, making up almost 10% of Indonesia’s GDP.

Indonesia has one of the world’s largest fish and seafood markets and has an international airport.

It has the second busiest airport in Southeast Africa and third busiest in Southeast Europe.

The main tourist attractions in Indonesia are Sumatra and Bali.

Indonesia Tourism Attractions: Bali is the capital of Indonesia and the third largest island after Sumatra in the country.

It is home to the city of Bali, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city of Kuta is Indonesia’s second largest city, and home to one of Indonesias most popular tourist attractions – Kuta Beach.

Kuta, with over 5,000 hotels, is the most popular destination in Indonesia, and has been dubbed Indonesia’s Mecca. 

Sumatra is Indonesias largest island.

It consists of the island of Sumatra which is in the Borneo Sea.

Sumatra is home with over 6,000 islands, each with its own unique wildlife.

There is the Bali-Sumatra Highway, which runs from Bali to Sumatra Island, and connects the two islands.

It takes 4 hours and 20 minutes to reach Bali and the island is also known as Sumatra’s “Little Sumatra”. 

Indonesia is home for a wide variety of marine life, from dolphins and sea turtles to whales and sharks.

Indonesia produces more than 30,000 tonnes of fish and catches more than 2.4 million tonnes of whale meat.

The fishing industry is booming, and Indonesia’s fishing industry has grown over the past decade.

The world’s second-most populous country is the biggest fish and shrimp producer in the Pacific region.

In 2015, Indonesia exported 2.1 billion tonnes of seafood to Asia, the third highest amount after China and Japan.

The Philippines is Indonesia´s second-biggest fish and squid producer.

The fish and sea turtle trade has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years and has grown in importance for many Indonesians.

Indonesia exported about 13 million tonnes last year, up from 6 million tonnes in 2014. 

Indias main export market is the Asian market.

It accounts for about 20% of all foreign direct investment (FDI) to the country, and it is a key driver of Indonesia´ s economic growth. 

China, India and Malaysia dominate Indonesia’s export market, and they account for about 70% of the countrys total exports, and about 50% of its trade.

The Chinese are the biggest foreign buyers of goods from Indonesia.

They bought more than $10 billion worth of goods in 2016, a record year.

They have increased the number of goods they buy from Indonesia since the mid-1990s, when they accounted for about half of all exports. 

India is Indonesia′s largest trading partner and is second in terms of trade volume after China.

It exports around $5 billion worth each year, with exports increasing in recent years.

The trade relationship between the countries is one of most important in the Asia-Pacific region.

India is Indonesia most important trade partner. 

Japan is Indonesia s second-major export market.

In 2016, Japan was Indonesias biggest export market after China, and accounted for 15% of foreign direct investments.

Japan is Indonesia second largest trading market. 

The Japanese trade deficit with Indonesia has increased from about $7.4 billion in 2014 to about $17.2 billion in 2016.

The Japanese have also increased their purchases of Indonesia goods in recent times.

Japan imports more than 80% of what Indonesia exports.


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