How to get to the best places in Greece for a holiday

The city of Athens, the capital of the Greek state of northern Greece, has a tourist industry that has long been one of the world’s most attractive.

The city’s tourist attractions range from the ancient Greek town of Heracles, home to one of Athens’ most famous amphitheaters, to its most iconic, the ancient port of Parnassus, home of a Roman army base.

The island of Kos, home for the famous Kosciuszko, has been an inspiration for many, including the writer Toni Morrison.

There are also a number of Greek islands, such as the Aegean islands of Samos, Ionian islands of Crete and the Ionian island of Rhodes.

But the most popular of the islands are probably in the Gulf of Corinth, home not just to the ancient city of Alexandria, but also to the largest museum in the world.

It is on the island of Phrygia, which is a major tourist destination, that the tourist attractions are most concentrated, according to the International Association of Greek Travel Agencies (IAGTAA). 

The IGTAA has compiled a list of the top 25 Greek tourist attractions based on three criteria: their historical significance, the number of guests who visited the attractions, and their popularity.

The list was compiled in June 2018.

In total, the list has more than 200 islands and some of them have more than 300,000 people, according the IGTAAA.

Here are the top 10. 


The Pantheon, Athens, Greece Visiting the Pantheon is an experience you will never forget.

The Pantheon’s grandeur is matched only by its sheer size and the number and variety of its sculptures.

The sculpture of Zeus is probably the largest of the many gods that have been created in Greece, and it is considered the world-famous.

The statue of Athena is also the largest sculpture in the Pantheons art gallery, and many of the sculptures on the walls are so large that you can only see the top part of them from the outside. 

It is a shame that the Panthemons main attraction is the Panthelion, an artificial lake with its own water source.

The lake is only about 25 metres (75 feet) long and is surrounded by waterfalls, and the lake is completely covered by the statue of the god Zeus.

This has led to a lot of complaints from tourists, who say that the lake should be preserved and its water removed. 


Horseshoe, Thessaloniki, Greece Horshoes are an ancient Greek craft made of stone.

The stone is hammered by hand into an exact pattern, then glued together to form a perfect horseshoe.

This ancient craft is often used as a handicraft. 


Vilaputae, Athens , Greece Vilapeutae is the oldest temple in Greece.

Built around 500BC, it was the first Greek temple in the city of Mytilene, the oldest inhabited city in Greece and also the site of one of its earliest Christian festivals, the festival of Epiphany.

The church was later built on the site, and now serves as the site for the Greek Orthodox Church.

The museum is dedicated to the historical and cultural significance of the site. 


Celadon, Athens This is the world famous “Old Town”.

It is a Greek city of approximately 2.6 million people, with about 600,000 inhabitants.

It was founded around 200BC by the Persians, and its ancient architecture is one of Greece’s most well-known. 


St John the Baptist Cathedral, Athens This is one church that has inspired many artists.

The cathedral is the only one of Greek Orthodox churches that is located in the heart of the city, and is considered one of Europe’s oldest churches. 


Greece’s Golden Fleece statue of Jesus Christ in front of the Papal Basilica of St John the Apostle, Athens In a country where the average salary is about $15,000 per year, a statue of Christ in a golden fleece is one the most expensive things to own.

The Golden Fuehrer statue was one of six statues that were commissioned by the Emperor Constantine, who gave the order to create the statue, and has become a symbol of the country and the world as a whole. 


Zara, Athens Zora, the Greek goddess of the sea, was worshipped at the entrance to the city’s ancient citadel.

The citadel, built around 1000BC, is a popular tourist attraction.

The golden-foiled statues of Zora and Poseidon are considered to be the most famous of the statues. 


Kallakou, Athens  Kallaksis temple is located near the ancient


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