How Chile’s ‘Pablo Escobar’ became a tourist attraction

The former drug lord Pablo Escobar, who had been convicted of crimes against humanity and war crimes, was the star attraction of Chile’s tourist resorts. 

He was the first Mexican drug lord to open a tourist resort in Chile and was one of the few Mexican men to ever make the leap to the US. 

It was Escobar’s life that led to the opening of a popular tourist attraction called Escobar Park in Santiago, a resort that became the focus of a lawsuit brought by a local government that claimed the park was being used to promote illegal drug activities. 

Chileans and tourists alike have long admired Escobar and his exploits. 

“He’s such a great guy, he’s such an important figure in Chile’s history,” said local resident Juan Hernandez, who visited the park with his wife.

“He’s like an idol. 

There’s so many tourists here.” 

In 2006, a judge ruled that Escobar park violated the constitutional prohibition on the sale of drugs, which means it must be closed for business. 

The resort had been a hot spot for Escobar in recent years. 

In August 2014, Escobar sold his drug empire to a Mexican company, which brought in a team of tour guides to provide guided tours of the resort. 

However, Escaron’s name became synonymous with the resort in 2015 after he was found dead. 

At the time, Chilean authorities said Escobar was found hanging from a tree in the park. 

When the investigation began, Escaró’s name was included in the hotel’s promotional material for the resort, which is believed to have been used to lure tourists. 

As part of the case, Escarró was required to provide an autopsy report, which was released in December. 

Authorities say the report found that Escarráns body had been hanging from the tree for nearly two hours. 

But as the case dragged on, Escarcó’s family, including his brother and sister, told local media that they were being pressured to give up their fight against the resort and that they had no idea why they were facing criminal charges. 

According to the local media, Escaraes family has now been contacted by the Chilean authorities and has not yet given up. 

Despite the accusations, Escarpanches family, along with many others in the resort’s community, continues to fight for Escarýs family and his legacy. 

Last month, the Escaráns family’s lawyer, Francisco Escobar III, asked the court to overturn the criminal charges against them, arguing that they are not linked to Escobar because Escobar had a business and the resort was a tourist destination. 

After months of negotiations with the Chilean government, the family finally agreed to plead guilty to the criminal charge of trafficking in drugs. 

On Friday, Escós family was handed a 10-year sentence in prison. 

A spokesman for the Chilean Foreign Ministry told the Associated Press that it will continue to support Escobar. 

 Chiles tourism minister Miguel Pineda said that the tourism industry is a pillar of the country and that the government is looking into what other measures can be taken to ensure that Escarás family can continue to enjoy the resort without any repercussions. 

Earlier this month, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit that the Escarpáns were facing. 

Although Escobars death has been ruled a homicide, the lawsuit claimed the government should have taken legal action against the park and Escobar for promoting drugs. 

 On Thursday, Escuráns widow, Alejandra Escuró, called on President Michelle Bachelet to issue an apology for the deaths of the family members.


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