New South Wales: No more Australian tourist attractions in New South Australia

More than 80 percent of New South Australian towns are no longer Australian, the state government said, after more than 2,000 visitors were reported to be killed or injured at Australian tourist sites in the country’s capital.

“It’s about time we had an open-minded attitude to the Australian culture,” New South Welsh Premier Daniel Andrews told the ABC on Wednesday, adding that there was now a sense of community that existed across the state.

The Government of New Australia says there is no longer any place for Australian tourists to park in the state, as they are no-go areas, and there are no more Australian holidays in New Australia.

It also said the New South had lost an estimated 1,000 Australian holidaymakers and about half a million tourists since 2010, the first year of the closure of all tourist sites.

Mr Andrews said he would be “very surprised” if any tourists were still in the towns or in the citys at the moment.

He said he was aware that some visitors to New South were returning to the city but he was not sure of the numbers of people who were still there.

“There’s an element of fear that you’re in danger if you go back, because it’s very different from a tourist destination,” he said.

“But I am going to be very surprised if there are still a significant number of Australians staying in the towns in the next few months.”

He said a small number of Australian visitors remained in the tourist destination.

“You see it with other countries, where we have a small amount of people in the cities, but they’re very proud of their place, and they’re proud of the hospitality they’ve received,” Mr Andrews said.

He also said it was not a “huge number” of people were planning to return to the towns, saying he expected it to be smaller.

“We’ve got quite a few visitors from overseas, who have come to Australia to do business, and it’s a very important business, so I’m confident we can manage the situation,” he told the BBC.

He would not rule out a return of Australian holiday-makers to New Zealand, where the Government has made a commitment to reintroduce Australian holiday makers, including New Zealanders.

“If it does happen, I’ll be delighted to have the opportunity to talk to the Government of that country about it,” Mr Turnbull said.



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