When you see the “Siberian Tiger” at the top of the Statue of Liberty

NEW YORK — When you see a “Sibylline Tiger” on top of a Statue of Light at Liberty National Park, it’s not necessarily the “siberian tiger” you’re thinking of.

The image above, which was posted to the official Twitter account of the Park Service and accompanied by a captivating caption, captures the Statue’s iconic face at the same time that the Statue itself is standing on the west face of the Colossus of Rhodes, which stands at the heart of the park.

The caption reads, “As you may have noticed, the Statue stands on the top face of an old wall at the base of the monument.

It’s a stunning sight, even without the sun shining through.”

The caption goes on to explain that the face is “truly stunning and unique” in that the light emanating from the sun on the Colossus is so powerful that it casts a “dark shadow” on the Statue.

When visitors take a look at the Statue from above, the image is not the “traditional” image of the statue, according to the Park service.

In fact, the caption accompanying the image notes that the image of Liberty’s face is actually “from a perspective of the other side of the “Tiger” and not from the same vantage point.

The caption also notes that “a lot of people have told me they want to get out of the shadows of the tourist attractions at the park and explore.””

It is a reflection of the very essence of the place.”

The caption also notes that “a lot of people have told me they want to get out of the shadows of the tourist attractions at the park and explore.”

Visitors to the park, which is about two hours north of Manhattan and about 15 miles west of Manhattan Beach, can get a look into the past from the top.

But the park is open daily, except for the holidays, when the park closes to the public.

“The Statue of Freedom is one of our nation’s greatest national treasures and one of the most treasured historical landmarks,” said Michael D. McGowan, superintendent of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation.

“Our park is committed to preserving and honoring this beautiful national treasure and making it accessible to visitors for the benefit of our residents and visitors alike.

We’re committed to providing the best public access for visitors and are committed to creating a unique and welcoming environment for all visitors.”

Park Service officials told Breitbart News that they hope to open the statue of Liberty in time for the start of the National Park Service’s annual New York State Winter Games in 2021.

They also said that the park will continue to be open for tours to the Statue until 2020.

In January 2017, the Park and Recreation Department released a video showing a similar image of a “Tigers” image at the entrance to the statue.

In the video, a person can be seen looking through a window at the Colossus as it’s being lowered into the ground by crane.

The person can also be seen walking through a small tunnel that connects the Colossus to the “Cobra” statue, which sits on top.


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