The Latest: NFL is taking action against Minnesota Vikings

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday that the league will take enforcement action against the Minnesota Vikings and other NFL franchises for failing to provide adequate safety measures.

In a letter to owners and players, Goodell outlined three key safety issues that the NFLPA, the Players Association and the NFL Players Association will pursue:Improper use of protective gear, such as masks and gloves;Failure to maintain adequate training and development facilities; andFailure to report the safety of the players.

In the letter, Goodell noted that the Vikings, for example, have not adequately trained their players in the use of safety gear.

He also cited the lack of adequate training programs for coaches and staff in the NFL and the failure of the league office to respond to the safety concerns raised by the NFL.

“The NFLPA and its partners will continue to engage in this process, and we will continue with our efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our players,” Goodell said in the letter.

“This is not an easy process, but we will do whatever it takes to ensure that we are taking appropriate steps to protect our players and our fans.”

The league office said in a statement that it will be reviewing the letter and will make recommendations to the league in a matter of days.

“This letter is an important first step, and I look forward to working with our league office partners to develop a long-term plan to improve safety at all levels of our sport,” Goodell added.

“We are committed to working closely with our players, coaches and officials to improve the safety at the NFL level and beyond.

Our goal is to create a safer and more enjoyable game for our fans, and that starts with our safety-first culture.

We appreciate the NFL’s leadership in this area and look forward for continued progress in this important area.”


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