Cuba tourist attractions to hit ‘historic’ levels this summer

In summer, travelers to Cuba will have an extra boost to their vacations as a series of tourist attractions and attractions to be unveiled in a series scheduled to be held in the coming months.

The Wall Street, New York, company that owns Cuba Travel, announced that all of its three major tourist attractions will be open for business this summer.

The newly-opened “Cuban Heritage” museum, the country’s first “international” museum in the country, will be able to display exhibits on Cuban history, the island’s rich cultural heritage and its famous natural beauty, along with more than 3,500 items.

In 2018, the company opened “Museum of the Future” in the historic downtown city of Mariel, Cuba’s second-largest city.

The museum, which was originally built in 1963, opened to the public in 2018 and is considered Cuba’s most ambitious project in the past 40 years.

Its exhibition will showcase a new generation of artists and will focus on contemporary Cuban art, architecture, the arts and the cultural and intellectual life of the island.

The company said that it would also open a “Cubano Village” in Havana’s historic neighborhood of Palenque.

The project, which will open to the general public in the second half of 2018, will include a collection of rare Cuban stamps and other rare artifacts.

“This is a great step for our tourism sector and for the tourism sector in Cuba,” said Maria Teresa Garcia, CEO of Cuba Travel.

“Cubans have been waiting for such a project for years, and now we can finally take it to the next level.

The arrival of this project and other such projects will add to our tourism portfolio and our international reputation as a destination.”

Cuba Tourism said that the three major events scheduled for this summer are the opening of the new “Cubanian Heritage” exhibition in Mariel (Aug. 1), the opening to the broader public of “Míxico” (Aug 12) and the “Cuba Museum of the future” (Sept. 15).

In 2018 Cuba Tourism will host more than 600 events, including a series in Havana, and will also hold three special “Cubana” events in Havana: the “Cubaneería” (Cuban Day), “Otro y Comer” (A Year in the Cuban Dream) and “Por Población” (Year in the Land of the Dead).

The company also announced that it will host a series called “Cueva Cubana” (The Year of the Cubans), which will include performances by performers from Cuba and other Latin American countries.


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