California’s famous tourist attractions are all in the U.S.A.

By Kate BlaylockJanuary 10, 2020 8:30amThe tourist attractions of California are here and they’re not just tourist attractions.

In fact, they’re a direct result of the state’s proximity to the United States.

And, like most things in California, the state is still under construction.

The Golden State’s famed California Strip has been home to iconic scenes like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Mission District, the San Francisco Bay, the Golden State Aquarium and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, to name a few.

The city of Los Angeles is home to one of the country’s most famous museums, the Los Santos Museum of Art, which is open year-round.

The Los Angeles Zoo, which opened in 1959, has been a destination for thousands of tourists for the past 65 years.

The State of California’s largest city, Sacramento, was also one of California, and its tourist attractions include the city’s historic district and historic districts of downtown and the Pacific Ocean.

Other popular California attractions include:The Golden Gate, a popular tourist attraction.

It’s now part of the Golden Circle.

The California State Capitol in Sacramento.

It has been open since 1909 and has seen its share of visitors.

The Santa Monica Pier, one of several iconic tourist attractions in the Pacific Northwest.

The iconic Santa Monica lighthouse.

The scenic San Francisco bay.

The historic San Francisco Mission District.

The Pacific Ocean is home the San Diego Convention Center.

The Mission, the home of Disneyland.

The Grand Canyon.

The San Gabriel Mountains.

The popular Grand Canyon Cruise Ship, a ship that can be rented for $100 per person.

The famed Santa Monica Beach, the site of the famous Splash Mountain.

The most popular attraction at Disneyland California Adventure Park, the Haunted Mansion.

The famous Disneyland Railroad, the Disneyland Railroad Train.

The Disneyland Hotel.

The Disneyland Hotel is the first of its kind in the United Kingdom.

The first ever full-scale Disneyland ride, the “S” ride.


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